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How To Clean a Toilet Overflow

2/19/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded Restroom. A Toilet Overflow in your South Boston, VA property can be a real Problem. If you have more questions, just contact us.

Flood water from a backed-up toilet is an unpleasant problem that can create a variety of issues for business owners. Cleaning up the mess and getting the toilet working again is critical for avoiding these problems.

What To Do When You Have a Toilet Overflow

Both the water and the bacteria from a toilet flood can cause more damage the longer it takes to clean it up. As soon as possible after the overflow occurs, take steps to fix the problem:

1. Shut off the Water

Most toilets have a shut-off valve located under the toilet tank. Turn this valve to the off position. If there is no shut-off on the supply line, turn the water off at the mainline. If you continue to have an overflow problem with the water shut off, you may have a problem with your main sewer line or drain pipe.

2. Clear the Blockage

You may be tempted to reach for a plunger, but it may just create more flood water. Instead, use a toilet auger or drain snake. Toilet augers work similarly to drain snakes but are designed to work better with your toilet's s-shaped trap. Insert the auger into the toilet drain and crank it to feed the auger into the drain pipes.

Hopefully, the auger will snag the clog so you can pull the drain out. It may also break the clog into smaller pieces that will pass through the drain.

3. Remove Standing Water and Waste

The longer water remains on the floor of your bathroom, the more damage it is likely to do to your flooring. It may also soak into cabinets and walls which may spread bacteria or cause mold to grow. If the water from the toilet was clean, you may be able to remove it yourself. However, if there is any fecal material in the water, it is better to contact a remediation company in South Boston, VA. Removing contaminated water requires safety gear and training that your staff may not have.

4. Dry Out Your Property

If you are working with a remediation company, it can help you dry out your property. If not, you can use industrial fans to speed the drying process.

5. Clean and Disinfect the Bathroom

Wash all surfaces in the bathroom with warm water and soap. Mix one cup of bleach with one gallon of water. Soak a cloth or sponge in the mixture and wipe down all surfaces.

Avoid Future Problems

Most overflows are caused by clogs and most clogs are caused by flushing materials down the toilet that shouldn't be flushed. Post signs in your restrooms advising employees, customers and guests not to flush diapers, paper towels, sanitary products or solid objects. Flushable wipes can also cause clogs, so you may want to add them to your list. Make sure you provide an appropriate receptacle for people to dispose of these objects.

If you have flood water from a toilet, cleaning it safely and quickly is the key to avoiding other problems. Taking steps to avoid clogs will help you avoid another bathroom emergency.

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