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Drying equipment placed in local restaurant's floor

Document and Electronic Cleaning

After a water or fire damage some of the electronics and files in your office may need to be cleaned professionally. We are experienced in both document recovery and electronic cleaning. Some items can be done in our local facility. We also have a national facility for items that need more care and time to clean.

Moisture meter being used on mold growth

Do you think you have mold?

Do you have one room in your building that just doesn’t smell right? It could be mold. If you can smell it, but not see it, it might be because you have a hidden leak where the mold is growing. Give us a call and we can bring moisture meters and infrared cameras to check behind walls and under floors for excess water that is allowing mold to grow.

local business suffered smoke damage from a fire that originated from a machine

Have you tested your fire sprinklers?

It’s important to test fire suppression systems yearly to avoid a problem when you have a fire. Fire sprinkler companies will check your system, water pressure, and even your fire extinguishers to make sure they are all working correctly. It’s a small price to pay when faced with a fire damage problem. Water damage is much easier to cleanup than a fire.