Fire Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO truck ready to respond

Barbecue Fire Prevention

As the weather gets warmer we see many fires happen because of barbecues. But it the weather is not quite warm enough some people choose to cook in the garage. Cooking in the garage causes smoke damage and possible fires because of oily rags or other solvents that catch fire. Best to wait until the weather is better or brave the cold. We are always to respond. 

home with smoke damage on walls after a fire

Electrical Fire Preparation

The worst thing you can do is pour water on an electrical fire. The electricity travels along the water and can electrocute anyone near by. However, did you know that a Class A fire extinguisher is water based? It’s best to have a combination Class ABC fire extinguisher because it is powder based and will put out an electrical fire if the need arises.

kitchen suffered fire damage after a grease fire

Should I get new smoke detectors?

The Fire Protection Agency suggests to change out smoke detectors every 10 years. Sensors in the older models begin to be less sensitive to smoke and their speakers don’t always work. It’s best to put away a little money for the upgrade to new smoke detectors because the good ones can range from $30 dollars to $150. That can be costly when you have replace each one in your home.

Home getting cleaned up after suffering fire damage

Why does my house still smell like smoke?

Smoke particles are extremely small. The human hair is roughly 10mm in diameter. The size of a smoke particle is microscopic at .5mm in size. It’s no wonder that it can penetrate wood, fabrics, and even older paint. The smell sticks around for a while and should be cleaned up using odor neutralizing cleaning agents.

Kitchen suffered severe fire damage

How is a kitchen fire cleaned?

Kitchen fires can be devastating to a home, especially if the cabinets were burned. All the cabinets will most likely have to be removed from kitchen and restored offsite or replaced. Thank goodness for fire insurance because that is a large ticket item to be replaced. We work with your insurance company and adjuster throughout the restoration process.