Photo Gallery

Moisture meter on white dry wall

Where did water go?

Our highly trained water technicians use a moisture meter to find where unseen water has traveled. This method helps our team through the restoration process to confirm when the environment has returned to its normal moisture levels which prevents future mold growth.

Brown paper taped to hardwood floor and steps

Your home is our home!

Protecting your home from further damage is our goal. By providing additional protection to unaffected flooring as a precautionary method to ensure our customers receive the level of comfort that we will treat their home as if it were ours!

water extractor on hardwood floor by a kitchen table

Water Extraction

The water extractor is a very useful tool to our team when removing large amounts of water fast! This process will help minimize the damage to a customers most valuable assets.


green air mover and dehumidifier on plywood sub floor by the bed

We are only as good as our equipment

We are only as good as our equipment allows us to be. When a water loss occurs our dehumidifiers and air movers serve the duties of making sure the moisture is circulated into the air so that the dehumidifier can quickly remove the moisture in that environment and returned to normal moisture levels.

plastic containment wall in door wall down a hallway

Why Containment?

Containment walls are necessary when dealing with a loss in a specific area. The goal is to contain and return that specific environment back to normal quicker than usual by restricting exposure to the air in unaffected areas. 

green air scrubber with containment in the back ground of a residential home

Green Means Clean!

The Air Scrubber is one of our most valuable pieces of equipment that we use on a daily basis to clean the air inside of a structure where a loss has occurred. Depending on the type of loss, there is a possibility that harmful particles are floating in the air. Examples: Cat 3 water damage (mold, sewage), fire restoration (soot), germs, and other potentially harmful breathable pathogens.